They/Them, Digital artist, American/Irish, Jan 20

About Mabel

Married (7.5.23)
My favorite colors are purple and green.
I speaks German occasionally, but my main language is English.
I like to draw myself a lot!

FNAf Fanatic

Making innapropriate jokes around me makes me very uncomfortable. I don't like it.
Dark humor, homophobia, and racism I will block you if you do these things.


There's a shadow on the wall. Stay calm, Stay calm. There's a figure in the hall. Stay calm, stay calm.

Scene Kid

FNAF Rebornica, FNAFHS, Roblox, Emo/Scene, FNAF, Villainous, Guitar Hero, Monster Energy drinks, Marguerite Tram

2 cool!

(1/20/08) 16 years old๐ŸŽ‚
Fav Rebornica characters: Fritz, Jeremy, Mike, Chris
Kinder Buenos taste amazing:3